TAFKADTS, 2013-2014

TAFKADTS is a video performance art installation that takes viewers into an alternate reality of symbolism and lore. Inspired by much turbulence the artist has endured, the artwork consists of video vignettes depicting rituals, actions and alter egos to investigate the idea of loss as an inevitable cycle towards finding one’s own destiny, or personal legend. Storytelling, mythology and ancient semiotics, work together in creating this allegory that reveals freedom through death. In the process, a discovery takes place of truths that have helped humanity throughout time endure, and come to terms with mortality.

The Journey, 2012

THE JOURNEY is about the search for knowledge in an unknown land, and about getting lost in your own world.  After suffering several tragedies, something inside of me was pushing to find more out of life.  So, I took a cross country road trip from Atlanta to Las Vegas to find myself and my purpose.  I came away with this series and more…

I Am…, 2012-2013

The I AM…Series is a continuation of The Journey and becoming the Seeker.  This series began out of a desire to create something in nature, but with a lack of materials I became my medium.  During the process, I am not myself anymore, but an entity trying to become spirit and merge with nature.  We come into this world alone and leave alone, so why not also celebrate those lonely moments in between?

Cerebral Storm, 2012-13

CEREBRAL STORM is dedicated to all loved ones suffering, or have suffered from Alzheimer’s disease.  Inspired by my grandmother, Willie Nell, these images are my interpretation of the physical manifestation of what happens to the brain, as well as the mental confusion of living with this debilitating monster.  Since my grandmother’s official diagnoses in September 2003, I always saw the disease as literally “getting lost in the clouds.”  Though it was sad to watch her deteriorate, she always supported my endeavors, never forgot who I was and has even given me advice from the great beyond.  I love you Mema and I promise to “look up!”

Performance Art & Installation



Digital Art

D E I D R A  T Y R E E  is an artist, curator, and part-time professor.  She holds a Bachelors of Art in Film and Video, and a double Masters of Fine Arts in Photography & Sculpture from Savannah College of Art and Design Atlanta.  She also writes and photographs for art publications, like Burnaway.  She uses performance, photography, video, and nature to create mixed media art pieces & multi-media installations.

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